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Chiropractors are regulated health care professionals that are trained to assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractic care is helpful in treating conditions and symptoms arising from the muscles, joints, spine and nervous system. Physical examination, education, rehabilitative exercise, soft tissue techniques and joint manipulation are often part of your chiropractic treatment. You can expect both hands-on treatment techniques and self-care activities during your chiropractic appointment.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care can help with many different concerns, conditions and symptoms. 

Pregnancy & postpartum care

Pelvic girdle pain, Webster Technique


Torticollis (wry neck), Plagiocephaly (head shape concerns), breastfeeding concerns, GERD (reflux) 

Neck Pain

Whiplash, headaches, tension, TMJ 

Back Pain

Low back, mid back, upper back

Pelvic Pain

Tailbone, sacrum, sacroiliac, pubic symphysis, hip

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, achilles tendinitispostural syndromes


Chronic pain

persistent injury, fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis


Optimizing wellness and performance

Whatever your health concern, when you come in for your Chiropractic treatment, we’ll create an individualized plan to help you reach your health goals. 

Chiropractor Dr. Emily Devlin providing chiropractic treatment at a physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton

Chiropractic Services in Edmonton - Coming Soon

Dr. Emily Devlin performing pediatric chiropractic care at a physiotherapy clinic in edmonton
Dr. Emily Devlin performing pregnancy chiropractic care at a physiotherapy clinic in edmonton

Interested in a Specific Chiropractic Service?

We encourage you to book a chiropractic assessment.

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